washing up for the resistance

well, i don’t know about you but i’ve always found washing and drying up a pretty trying part of cookery and kitchen engagement.  i found a really good way of duping myself into doing it after watching the wondrous french film, Lucie Aubrac – a tale of derring do by well groomed french house-wives.  Donning lipstick, riding bicycles and sporting prim 1940s get-ups Lucie outwits the gestapo, effects a prison break and generally does everything from laying charges, looking after children, secretly meeting other resistance fighters and escaping by dead of night.  Based on a true story of one of the french resistance’s heroic figures i found that i could throw on a floral apron and some marigolds, play some appropriate chanson and wash up for hours ‘for the resistance.’  i am still able to convince myself of this sometimes – a good collection of aprons DEFINITELY helps though.

still on my quest to find out more about this troubled time in french history.  i discovered more recently that it is a highly contentious period, full of emotional bias in its documentation and only now are historians beginning to examine the course of events as, now that the protagonists are dying out, the taboo of properly enquiring into the mess of occupation, resistance and collaboration is finally lifting…

below are some pictures of the real Lucie – looking suave in her 40s suit, and with her husband Raymond, who she and their cell supposedly rescued from the gestapo:

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1 Response to washing up for the resistance

  1. Vicky says:

    Hi Bee,
    Love your wee stories about the basis and character of your recipes. Your Mum remembers that the maggots in some of the mushrooms were a real bind. Vickyxx

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