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cooking for the yogis: curry and cake

Well,  I said I’d put all the recipes up and these are the last two – neither soups nor salads! Would-be Thai Curry I love Thai green curry – it’s irresistible.  Sadly I am not often in the vicinity of … Continue reading

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preserving for britain

Well, this last few weeks I have been churning out the bottles and jars like I was about to overwinter in a snowbound hovel in the arctic, or at least, possibly a little over over enthusiastically for a soul who … Continue reading

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the benevolent gardener

Well, another productive afternoon spent on my adopted allotments!  My friends Ellen and Holly have allotments in a beautiful site near the suspension bridge and they are very happy to have an occasional digger/weeder/general helping hand.  We spent a whole … Continue reading

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cooking for the yogis: salads

Looking back through all things that I made in Norfolk last weekend, most of them could be described as salads in one way or another…  I like salad to be a catch all phrase.  In my world they can be … Continue reading

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forage pie or earthly delights

mmmm… despite the sudden influx of summer sunny warmth, I’ve been basking in thoughts of autumn foraging.  I made the most amazing forage pie last autumn season, all plucked a mere tiptoe from the back door.  What you see above … Continue reading

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