about frangipanepie’s cookzine

ok, so this is a little zine on cooking, preserving, foraging, other culinary adventures and related stuff….

i am not aiming to be methodical, it may at points be informative or it may be a bit journalistic, but anyway there will be some pictures, some recipes, some inspirations and hopefully a bit of writing.  If you’ve been in a place where I’ve catered then this is the place to try and track down any dishes you liked!

mostly, though, it’s just for fun as I love food and have always adventured my way around trying to eat and cook at extremes – local food, seasonal food, detoxes and special diets, traditional remedies and recipes, foraged delights and all sorts of other wonderful ways to approach sustenance.

1 Response to about frangipanepie’s cookzine

  1. Claire says:

    I hear your cooking was wonderful. Thanks so much Bee. Sorry to have missed out. And no doubt our yogis are in for more amazingly culinary treats from you over our November 11-14th retreat http://www.adventureyogi.com/retreats/ So for anyone who wants more Frangipanepie cookzine and more yoga come along! Xx

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